Welcome to my website! I'm a Bay Area-based actor. I have a BA in Theater and have trained in San Francisco, New York and Berlin in devised and physical theater. I regard theater as a space of infinite possibilities, personal growth, and an opportunity for a collaborative community where the articulation of a common purpose can be expressed. I seek acting experiences that will cause me to grow as an artist in the Bay Area and abroad.

Connected Co-Creation

Learn how to immediately and organically create an authentic connection with your scene partner. Discover the liberating experience of listening to what the moment calls for and being freed up to respond rather than invent. Through scenework with coaching and individual feedback including learning to identify habits, this course will focus on fine-tuning the following aspects:

  • Organic Improv ∼ Developing a Scene based on your Physical and Emotional Choices
  • Moment-to-Moment Co-Creation ~ Relationship, Connection, Emotional Receptivity
  • Using Silence and Body Language
  • Pushing Specificity and Vulnerability
  • Making Rich Environments and Embellishing them

Limited number of spaces available. Class capped at 10 students. Prior improv experience is required.

Click here to REGISTER NOW on Paypal, or email Castaprilgreen @ gmail.com if paying by cash or check or for more information
Cost: $150 (sliding scale available)
6 week Thursday series: October 1 - November 5,  6:30-8:30pm
Location: Santa Cruz - address given at time of registration