What folks are saying...

As an improv instructor, April Green seamlessly translates her years of study, performance experience and passion for unscripted theater into classes that are at once deep and accessible, enjoyable and a thorough workout. With practical group exercises and insightful individual guidance, she creates a space in which students are inspired and encouraged to become skilled, imaginative, connected co-creators. Working and playing with April has helped me to get out of my head, into my body, more present, available and vulnerable to my scene partners and audience.
— Carol Skolnick (on Connected Co-Creation series)
I walked away with such a better understanding of what improv is, how to be more fully present with a scene partner, and a better sense of my own spontaneous creativity. I had very little improv experience and was scared to perform, but April was super supportive and her workshop gave me a ton of confidence!
— Monica Ammerman (on Unscripted Play Workshop)
I loved the workshop. I felt it was a really gentle and nicely progressing introduction to what can be an intimidating theatrical form.
— Lisa Drostova (on Unscripted Play Workshop)