Welcome to my website! I'm a Bay Area-based actor. I have a BA in Theater and have trained in San Francisco, New York and Berlin in devised and physical theater. I regard theater as a space of infinite possibilities, personal growth, and an opportunity for a collaborative community where the articulation of a common purpose can be expressed. I seek acting experiences that will cause me to grow as an artist in the Bay Area and abroad.

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April teaches improv classes in Santa Cruz. To learn more, sign up below.

Freefall Improvisational Theater: From 2000 to 2015 we were dedicated to long-form improv and explored the art of creating improvised plays, bridging the gap between comedy and drama. The structure and style that we developed was unlike anything else that we know of. Not a Harold, Armando, Deconstruction, or Monoscene. Multiple stories were co-created concurrently, each scene seamlessly transitioning into the next. The focus was on characters and relationships, imagination and magic, gravitas and delight

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