Welcome to my website! I'm a Bay Area-based actor. I have a BA in Theater and have trained in San Francisco, New York and Berlin in devised and physical theater. I regard theater as a space of infinite possibilities, personal growth, and an opportunity for a collaborative community where the articulation of a common purpose can be expressed. I seek acting experiences that will cause me to grow as an artist in the Bay Area and abroad.

April is a Bay Area based actor, improv teacher and theater-maker. She has a BA in Theater and has trained in San Francisco, New York and Berlin in devised and physical theater. In addition, she has been performing short and long form improv for over 15 years with various troupes. April enjoys all aspects of theater from performing classics to improvisation and devising new work. In the last few years April has started a "performance gym" in her community; an interdisciplinary performance training collective focused on various physical theater techniques to further her education and practice of ensemble work.


Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160 lbs
Vocal Range: Soprano


Stupid Fucking Bird              Emma                     Kirsten Brandt                  City Lights Theater

Totem & Taboo                     Trixie                      M. Graham Smith              Central Works Theater

M. Butterfly*                          Helga                    Jeffrey Bracco                   City Lights Theater   

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof          Sister Mae**           Haines/Baldock                 Tides Theater 

Antigonick*                          Kreon                     Caitlyn Tella                       Scatterstate Theater

Fool for Love*                      May                        Ray Renati                         Pear Ave Theatre

Macbeth                              Lady Macbeth        Megan Finlay                     Rapid Descent Theater

Exception and the Rule       Porter/Coolie         Rush Rehm                        Stanford Theater

In the Blink                          Mother                   David Stein                        Ragged Wing

The Wall                              Dreamer                Aleks Wolska                     Theater Between

Three Sisters                      Masha                    Sarah Albertson                 Cabrillo College

Dead Man's Cell Phone      Hermia                   Gerry Gerringer                  SC Actors' Theater

Doubt                                 Sister James           Erik Gandolfi                      Jewel Theater

Yellow Boat                        Joy                          Luanne Nunes de Char     West Performing Arts

Rapunzel                            Rapunzel                 Larry Snipes                      Lexington Children's Theater

*TBA Recommended Production, Editor's Pick
**Bay Area Critic's Circle - Nominated Best Featured Actress


BA in Drama from Bethany University

Movement Theater Studio, NYC - Summer Intensive

LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts) - Summer Intensive

Acting: Marcia Taylor Croft, Wilma Chandler, Robin Aronson, Bob Abplanalp, Jeffrey Bihr
Movement: Jeffery Bihr, Aleksandra Wolska
LeCoq: Norman Taylor, Thomas Prattki
Improv: Dave Razowski, Asaf Ronen, Tim Orr, Greg Fritsch


Dialects: British RP, Cockney, American South, good ear
Other: Guitar, Singing, Good with children, Extensive Improv experience, Knitting


Theater Bay Area Titan Finalist