April is a theater artist pursuing work on the east and west coast. She has a BA in Theater and has trained in San Francisco, New York and Berlin in devised and physical theater. In addition, she has been performing short and long form improv for over 15 years with various troupes. April enjoys all aspects of theater from performing classics to improvisation and devising new work. In the last few years April has started a "performance gym" in her community; an interdisciplinary performance training collective focused on various physical theater techniques to further her education and practice of ensemble work.






THEATER (Selected)

*Bay Area Critic’s Circle – Best Featured Actress Nomination

*Bay Area Critic’s Circle – Best Featured Actress Nomination


BA in Drama from Bethany University

Acting: Sarah Albertson, Robin Aronson, Marcia Taylor Croft, Wilma Marcus Chandler, Bob Abplanalp, Greg Fritsch

Improv: Dave Razowksy, Asaf Ronen, Tim Orr

Physical Theater: Aleksandra Wolksa (Grotowski), Jeffrey Bihr (Suzuki, Viewpoints), Thomas Prattki, Norman Taylor, Richard Crawford, Adrienne Kapstein, Virginia Scott (LeCoq), Elizabeth Baron (Red Nose Clown)

LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts) Summer Intensive, (Berlin, Germany)

Movement Theater Studio, Summer Intensive, (NY, New York)


Dialects: RP, Cockney, American Southern, guitar, extensive improv and devised theater, contact improv, excellent mover, knitting, theatre educator (resume available), good with children, burp on command